Teaching Philosophy

The term “music” can be hard to define; rather it is the capacity to behave musically that is undeniably human. It is my belief that music co-evolved with language, concurrently with human society and culture. Using this as a guiding principle, my teaching focuses on the voice as an innate human instrument. The moment we are born, our voices are restrained for speech and language; through singing, we can find a deeper connection with our bodies. Students will develop their most natural sound through an understanding of the mechanisms of the human voice and acoustics, while channeling their creative minds through imagery. With this powerful and healthy foundation, a singer can find success in any style of music. 

Within the classical style, my students will learn to respect the repertoire – becoming a lens through which the composer’s intentions may take new life. An advanced singer must understand the text and translation of each piece, as well as the unique properties of each language; they must delve into the emotional content and story of each piece. Finally, they must understand themselves as unique personalities and performer in order to cultivate a connection with the audience.